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    • drafting legal documents
    • reviewing and advising on legal agreements

    • purchase and sale of businesses

    • employment agreements and advice


    • residential and commercial construction

    • corporate disputes

    • recovery of debts

    • taxation disputes with the ATO

    • property and lease disputes

    • unfair dismissal and bullying

    • family provision claims

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    Jonathan Jacobson

    Commercial Litigator

    Jonathan has two decades of experience in law practice with a diverse background covering complex commercial matters, contractual disputes, arbitration and litigation, insurance, construction and government.



    M: 0438 907 794

    E: [email protected]

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    The Penrose Triangle

    "a triangular impossible object, an optical illusion consisting of an object which can be depicted in a drawing but cannot exist as a solid object"

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    Why the impossible triangle?

    The impossible triangle is what it feels like to be embroiled in litigation - once you are on the triangle, it is impossible to get off!

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    How can we help?

    We understand how you feel and do everything we can to help you to get you off that endless looping triangle, so that you can go back to focusing on the things that are important in life, your family, your friends and your work.

  • No nonsense style

    “Jonathan has assisted us with a few matters. Each of these matters is now settled. I respect Jonathan’s no nonsense style, and focus on net return after time and fees. The main focus is outcomes – not litigation.“

    Continuing, caring support

    Jonathan listened carefully and gave calm, knowledgeable advice with continuing, caring support, not just an impersonal, rigid ‘inflexible’ approach to the matter.


    The outcome was amicable, meeting our expectations with a ‘minimal worry’ process and a good final solution.


      We confidently recommend Jonathan for provision of legal services.”


    A good man who understands

    “I’ll be giving all my mates and family your number,

    if they need a damn good lawyer and better still...

    a good man who understands.”

  • Our Commitment

    High Quality Advice

    • We provide high quality advice that is authoritative and reliable. In doing so, we draw on our diverse litigation experience to provide clients with strategic advice that is commercial, practical and solution-oriented.

    Cost Effective Solutions

    • Without compromising on quality, we strive to be provide highly cost effective solution,  guaranteeing our clients value for every dollar spent . We are focussed on resolving disputes expeditiously on good commercial terms. 

    Clients Come First

    • Most of all, we are a service-driven firm, not a profit-driven one. You, the client, will always come first.
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